Through the use of a state of the art quadcopter, we can capture photos and videos from positions that have previously been unattainable. Our specialist UAV pilots are able to tailor a solution for all aerial photography and videography needs.

  • Advanced UAV Technology

  • Commercial Construction Documentation

  • Residential Real Estate Photography

  • Construction of Burwood Hospital


Live Video Feeds:
We are able to create a live HD video feed from the drone mid-air, broadcasting it on monitors or televisions. This can be used to provide spectators a constant view of the actions during sporting events, or allow visual inspection of otherwise unreachable or remote locations such as construction sites or power lines.

Event Videography:
Filming events with a drone allows viewers to experience it from a unique perspective and in many cases provides an unobstructed view of the whole event. We are able to liaise with media outlets to distribute your event footage, with previous event videos featuring on One News. We also have an experienced post production team who edit and colour grade all of our videos.

Aerial photography:
Aerial photography is extremely versatile, allowing the documentation of a large variety of subject matters. It is especially useful in the real estate and construction sectors, as it shows the complete size of large buildings and other construction work. We have yet to come across a subject that we have been unable to photograph from the air.



We utilise the state of the art DJI Inspire 1 for all of our aerial work. This drone has a wealth of high-tech features that help set us apart from many competitors. These include:

  • Film indoors at height
  • Film in UHD 4K resolution
  • Maintain stable flight in 40km/h+ winds
  • Photos taken from specified heights or locations (accurate to 1m)
  • Fly at up to 80km/h
  • Take photos from 500m high (with CAA approval)
  • Rectilinear lens reduces horizon warping (as seen with many other drones)



All of our aerial operations are completed in accordance with CAA Guidelines as stipulated under Part 101. We have Standard Operating Procedures available to view on request and conduct a risk assessment before all operations. Our first priority is the safety of the public and our clients.