Wedding Video

Your wedding is all about the enjoyment of you and your guests, so why should you have a photographer constantly telling you what to do. We specialise in capturing moments as they happen, showing your day how you really experienced it, rather than a falsely composed scene.

If you are after a candid approach to your wedding video, showing the day as it really happened (and leaving more time for you to enjoy your day) then you have come to the right place.


Our wedding packages start from $1800, with the basic package covering:  Bride and Groom preparations, Ceremony (covered from multiple angles), Location photoshoot and Speeches at the Reception.


  • Bride and Groom preparing
  • Ceremony (multiple angles)
  • Photoshoot
  • Speeches (Multiple angles)


  • Full video is two songs long
  • Short preview video edited shortly after the wedding
  • Multicamera videos of the Ceremony and Speeches
  • The Raw Footage – Hours of Video


All videos are shot and edited in 1080p HD, with some slo-mo and colour grading added in post production. We also offer a variety of add on’s, and will cater to provide the exact service you want. These can include:


  1. On a USB flash drive for safekeeping
  2. Download your videos in the in the right format for you and your devices
  3. Online streaming for you to share with friends and family


Give us a call or email any time, we would be happy to sit down over a drink for a no obligations chat about our videos and how we work on the day.